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    Fixed height non-adjustable paving support pads 12.5mm
    MB-FP-01 12.5mm height fixed paving pads is used to support the paving tiles indoor and outdoor, such as indoor rooms, lobby, balcony, roofing, public square etc.
    Adjustable Height:
    Height 12.5mm fixed.
    Polypropylene(PP), material thickness 4.5mm-6mm;
    Composition 90% PP, 10% talc, UV and black masterbatch
    100% recyclable
    Base=diameter 150mm – ground surface 177 cm2
    The fixed height supports are available in two versions:
    the model MB-FP-01(H12.5 mm), MB-FP-02 (H16 mm). They have always been the fastest and most economical solution for fixing tiles in the elevated system.fixed height pads suppliers