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    Who we are?
    Geotrst is a leading manufacturer and distributor of geosynthetic products. When our factory was established in 2001 in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China, its primary focus was geotextile. As the technology advanced, we soon realized the demand for good quality geotextile tube (geotube) and added geotube to our products & services. As environmental regulations were strengthened, we extended our business in erosion control products and services, like small size dewatering bag, silt fence and turf reinforcement mat. Several years ago, we identified a growing need from our clients, for high quality technically sound geosynthetic solutions. To service this need, we found a branch office in Shanghai in 2015. We have been promoting geotube, soil stabilization geotextile mat, silt fence and coir erosion control product.

    What we can do?
    We has more than 15 years experience of geotextiles production in geosynthetic products, including geotextile, geotube, silt fence fabric, 3D Turf reinforcement mat and etc. We provide complete geosynthetic solutions for ground stabilization, reinforcement and drainage, erosion control, bank and slope protection.
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